2 days to go

I have my final Eval with the RO on Wed… and my anxiety has been slowly increasing each day LOL I really wish they could have just done it all in one shot, or at least not had a long wait between dates..maybe it’s to try and stress me out so they can see how I react? Who knows.

All I know is that my appt was scheduled for a Tuesday, which I was working.. so I rescheduled for a Wednesday (the earliest date they had avail was the wed coming up) because it’s the only day of the week I know I’m not working…. Well guess what, thanks to the stat I AM working this wed… SOOOOOO now I have to figure out a time when I can either make up the time, or take a hit in my pay… seriously life.. the ONE wed I’m scheduled to work. ACK. My own fault for not carrying a copy of my schedule in my purse (I have one on my fridge and one at work)… but still I thought Wednesdays would be safe. Damn it!

So YAY Added stress! Here’s to hoping it won’t be a big issue… I honestly don’t know.. but the thought of going to work tomorrow and telling them about my snafu is causing my heart to race and my blood pressure to soar. I just want it all to be done. I am having probs breathing right now because typing it is stressing me out.. so I’m going to stop typing and go crawl into bed with my man and try and unwind… shit I just realized I forgot to make his lunch.

OK first that.. then try and unwind.. and let’s hope I don’t pass out somewhere in between. FML

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