2 more sleeps

Hi World!

On Friday, I go back to see my doctor at the weight management clinic… keep all fingers, toes, eyes, ears, legs and arms crossed that all goes well.

IF all goes well, I’m hoping to get approved for another round of shakes. Since stopping the program, I have gained 10 lbs… part from muscle I’m sure, some from water weight as my body is still balancing out from my birth control debacle, and also some fat because hey I’m a girl, and I eat food LOL.

Plus side to this, is even during my most stressful of moments I haven’t binged. I’ve managed to find a few things to help me not eat during the worst moments (i.e I will paint my nails… because when your nail polish is drying, you can’t do anything! LOL), and I’ve even bought an agenda for the 2015 year that will be my food journal as well as my organizational  go to… I tried to find some that started earlier than Jan, but no such luck.. at least not where I looked anyway, SO 2015 will be a much more organized year for sure! In the mean time I have been writing things on random scraps of paper, or in one of my many note books, just to get it out of my head.. I haven’t blogged my food journal, because… well… that just feels weird LOL. But I have been tracking, even if I don’t have time to write, I will do a mental tally every night before bed of what I ate, what I can do better tomorrow, and give myself  a mental hug for any good choices I’ve made.

I also realize now, looking back, how far I have already traveled when it comes to my relationship with food. I’m still FAR from out of the woods, I still crave nachos more than any human probably should LOL…. but I also have learned to savor my meals, and ENJOY them. I bought smaller baking sheets so when I make nachos in the oven, it’s half the portion size of what I used to eat. Every day I try my best to make better choices, some days are harder than others, and I’m still working on getting organized… but I know once I’m back at work full time in Jan, I will be able to slip back into a more regular routine, and this will help my weight loss as well.

So yeah, I’ve gained some weight… but I haven’t gained a lot… and I gained it awhile ago, I’ve been maintaining or losing (I HAVE lost a few lbs) for the last few weeks… and I hope that clinic will see the work I’ve been doing, rather than looking at the number only.

AND since in the clinic they always emphasize not giving a crap about the number and focusing on everything else (how clothes feel, inches, meds, pain levels, mood, etc) I think I’ll be OK. Now let’s just hope I pass whatever magic hoops they want me to test in order to show my body is healthy enough to handle round 2. BRING ON THE SHAKES BABY!!!!!

So that’s the update with me… I’ve been swamped with so many amazingly wonderful things lately that I haven’t had time to breathe much less blog… but I heart you all, and I have missed blogging, so here I am, 9:30 at night, blogging away while my food cooks.

Hope you’re having a fan-freaking-tastic day, and know that life is what you make it. Put out negative vibes, and expect to live in a crappy world… put out goodness, and it will come back to you 😀


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