2014 wrap up!


Well Hell y’all… Today is New Years Eve!!! And what a year it has been! My 2014 was somewhat of a roller coaster, with everything under the sun thrown in there for good measure.  I’m not sure where to start on this recap.. Well I guess for start was the biggest change to my life physically.. the most obvious change (at least to others… because truthfully I still don’t see it) but I lost a boat load of weight, and starting tomorrow I go back on the shakes so that I can lose a boat load more.

Which OMG brings me to tell you about why I’m so excited to be losing more weight….. MIKE FINALLY PROPOSED!!!!  Of course we both came down with the plague the very next day (well I fought it off for awhile, and succumbed yesterday.. but still PLAGUE!) so that was fun… Who knew “In sickness and in health” would come into effect so soon eh? hehe.

But seriously, Mike is well worth the wait. He is my whole heart, and though we’ve had some rocky patches (who hasn’t), we’ve been working on them, and are in this for the long haul. He is the PB to my Jelly, the cheese to my macaroni, and he has never wavered in his absolute love for me, even while at my worst, when I couldn’t love myself, and was doing my damnedest to push him away and destroy us.  He is my rock, my heart, my soul, and everything that is good in my world. Without him I would be missing half of myself, and I hope he knows how much I truly love him.

IMG_20141018_1553122015 is going to be filled with weight loss and wedding plans, and I’m looking forward to every second of it! Heck, I already have it half planned just from waiting for so long LMAO.. the hardest part for me right now is having us pick our wedding parties… the issue is we have SO MANY PEOPLE we love, that if we made everyone a bridesmaid / groomsmen… there’d be no one in the seat watching us get married, since everyone would be standing up there with us LOL. Trying to cut down on the size, is brutal… so we may just end up saying eff it, and having a roving gang of friends herd us down the isle dancing and singing and the top of our lungs. Who knows. Mike and I are a bit kooky, so this wedding will be more offbeat than traditional. So you better be strapped in for a wonderfully awesome ride!


Aside from that, I have become pseudo aunt to 2 amazing babies and a 1 yr old (who let’s face it, will always be a baby in my eyes because all my babies are still babies… even the 16 year old… ack I feel old LOL)

I won’t include pics because it’s not my place to post pics of other people’s children… but let me tell you.. they are FREAKING ADORABLE!!! Cutest babies on the entire planet hands down!

Adelyn is the 1 year old… and I miss her so much! She’s off in Florida frolicking with her family down there and I hope her, Soph, and Ryan are having a blast and a half! She is growing up entirely too fast, and I swear she is going to be a model one day.. Ryan better buy a shotgun or a baseball bat to beat the guys away with… erm… maybe that was a little scary.. but she is freaking adorbs!

Violet is Jenn and Drew’s daughter, and she is just… OMG.. my heart explodes when I see that bundle of cute. She’s grown so much already from the itty bitty little munchkin she was, and every time I see her I fall in love even more! She is absolutely perfect and her smiles melt my heart every time! I also miss her oodles and oodles.

Logan is the son of Dianne and Mike… and a cuter little man is impossible to find. His smile slays me and I would totally kidnap him if I didn’t love Dianne so much ;). jk jk…… OK maybe a little serious. LOL He’s like… a bundle of cute wrapped up in bunch of love and smiles. How could you not want to take that home with you? P.S He is a total toot monster, and it’s kind of amazing LOL. I’m impressed little man, you put adult tooter’s to shame!

2014 has had it’s down moments, as does every year.. but I’m not going to go into that, because really, I want to focus on the good.. and there has been SO MUCH GOOD.  I think 2014 has been the best year of my life so far, and I can’t wait to start the adventures that 2015 will bring. I’ve already got a kick ass server set up for Mike and I from Drew for wedding stuff, plus a lime green binder to keep all paper things in, plus post it notes… because y’all know how much I love organization! Plus I have the added benefit of being pretty much the last to get married, so now I have all these married ladies to grill for tips and tricks and ideas 😛 DOUBLE SCORE hehe.

OK I’m going to wrap this up now and let you get back to whatever it is you were doing before you came here.

Thank you for reading my blog, for coming along on my rollercoaster of a life, and for all the support. I can’t thank you enough. BIG CYBER HUGS FOR ALL!!!



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  • Congrats on the engagement! That is so exciting. Do you know when you will be married yet?
    I am not a big supporter of shakes and things like that, but I wish you luck, and more importantly, health and fitness for 2015!

    • We’re aiming for October 2016 😀

      And i’m not a fan of shakes and what not done on their own, but this is a special shake given to me by the hopsital and I am closely monitored, so I love these shakes lol. This of it as a non-surgical gasteic bypass

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