4 lbs down… 161 to go!

Aloha and welcome to Saturday!

It’s pretty magnificent really… the changes that occur when you are well and truly happy. I have recently started to work in a land of awesomeness and LOVE my job, I love the people I work with, the building is beautiful (Hello PALM TREES and Tim Hortons!!!!), I love what I do, and I actually look forward to going to work.  I know have a long weekend EVERY WEEK, which has given me some much needed alone time to recoup and regroup. Every week I feel myself getting stronger and happier.  I hadn’t even realized the truth depth of how crappy I’d been feeling the last few years, until life changed.

I willingly work 6:30 – 4:30… and wish I could work longer some days…. I speak french… FRENCH… almost constantly at work (and I do believe I am getting better and better each day), the people who surround me are like minded and friendly (Geeky shout out to A and L who are Girly Geeks of Wonder! (I do believe more geeky  than me *Especially because my horrible memory makes it near impossible to remember names and plot points * LOL which is AWESOME because I’m learning so much!).. I do love the random geek outs when breaks are needed.

To make a good situation even better, I have to walk 10 mins from where I get out of my car, to the front door… that doesn’t even include the foot ball field lengths I walk back and forth all day. I’ve walked more in the passed 3 weeks since I started, then in the last 3 years combined (hmmm maybe not.. but  CLOSE), and I’m happy to announce I’ve already lost 4 lbs!

Now I know the title states I have 161 to go.. but really I only put that as it made the title catchier. Ideally I want to lose 165 lbs… Yes it’s a huge number, and no I’m not focusing on that number… but it is my ultimate goal. Right now my goal is to lose 5…. and I’m mother bleeping almost there!

The more I walk, the easier it’s getting… right now my walking goal is to be able to walk from my car, to the front door without feeling like I’m about to die. So far so good.. my first week was hell, the second week was torture.. the third week I could almost keep up with people… can’t wait to see how I fare next Tuesday!

I even purposely force myself to be social on lunches, rather than stay cooped up as was my old habit. I eat lunches under the palm trees, or go outside to the pic-nick tables, which is a nice walk in and of itself.

Yes I’m a hot mess most of the day…. but I swear to you one day I’ll stop being a sweaty mass of yuck and be one of those rockin girls who has curves in all the right places and a cute little sway to her hips… rather than the cute little waddle I’ve currently got going on LOL.

Anyway… life is good, I’ll be sad when this contract is over.. but my eyes are peeled and always looking for the next great thing. With any luck I’ll be able make my home here, somehow, someway… and if not, the credentials I’ll make while working here will help me in the future.

Thank you to all who pushed me to take this step. It was scary as hell… but I did it, and I’m so happy I did.

Love and chicken butts

ME 🙂


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