Before TheWorks

It is 5:30 am… I would love to be asleep right now, but my bladder has woken me up for the second time tonight and I’m having trouble getting back to bed.

Might as well blog! 😛

Tonight we are celebrating My Love’s 31st birthday… at The Works which for the record is one of my all time favorite restaurants. And I’m one month into my 3 month fast.

Some people say I’m crazy for putting myself in that tempting position… I say I’m in love (CHEESE ALERT). Birthdays are important, and I am not about to let one go by without proper celebration because I can’t eat.

How will I cope? I am planning on having my shake while with them, so at least I can consume something… And if need be I fully plan on kidnapping my friends baby girl (OK by that I just mean babysitting so Mommy and Daddy can eat in peace). I plan on talking to people, taking photos, and enjoying every moment of tonight (except for the delicious burgers LOL).

In the end, tonight is a testament to how far I’ve come, and how strong I’ve built my willpower to be. Before this fast, I had next to no willpower… Tonight we’ll see how well I’ve done in preparing myself for the life long struggle I will always have, with my enemy friend Food.

There are always 2 sides to every moment, life happens and you can’t stop it… But what you CAN do, is chose how it will effect you.

For example: Sure I could say tonight is going to be hard, and focus on how much I miss food, and chewing, and non-dessert like flavors… But I am choosing instead to think about how much easier it will be for me now, then if I did this 4 weeks ago. I chose to think about moments with friends, instead of cheese.

So as a result, I’m SO excited for tonight. If you’re coming… See you soon!!!


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