Bracing for Pre-Christmas Wrap up

So Christmas is fast approaching, will I be ready? Oh Helllllllz no LOL. But here’s the thing, rather than freak out and stress like other years may have seen me do…. I’m at the point where I’m just saying Eff it. Whatever I get done, get’s done, whatever I don’t, won’t. My house won’t be spotless when my family comes over, I won’t get all my baking done, and chances are my hair won’t be perfect, I’ll be lucky if I’m wearing mascara… but when it comes right down to it, Christmas, for me, is about enjoying time with family and friends. It’s about relaxing as much as possible, eating good food, sipping hot chocolate while unwrapping gifts, seeing the smile light up on my loved one’s faces as they open gifts I got them. It’s about love, and laughter and happiness.

I love this time of year!

Also, giant plus side, the brace I bought for my ankle seems to be helping A LOT. There is still pain, but it doesn’t feel like the tendons are about to snap in half every step I take, which is a relief.

On the down side, my anxiety has been acting up, as much as I’m fighting against it.  Mainly my anxiety is food based (Of course…) I’ve started to feel like people are judging me for eating again, which sucks. The doctor told me to enjoy the holidays, to relax and who cares if I gain a bit of weight… But here I am feeling bad when people ask me “Well are you eating those cooking you’ve been baking”, or “Why are you buying those treats, I hope you aren’t eating all of those”. All I can do is my best. Come Jan 1st I’m going back on shakes. With any luck I will lose another chunk of weight.

Come Jan 1st I have certain processes in place to help me stay on track and organized.  I am still heading down the right path, and I KNOW that I’m doing a lot of things right. I also know that I’ve done a few things not perfectly. I won’t say wrong… because I haven’t relapsed, but I have been lax with healthy food lately. I am conscious of this, I have goals, and I am working towards those goals.

Anyway, that’s my scattered ramble of the day.  I hope everyone is having a freaking AWESOME Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrate.



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