This post is aptly named for a number of reasons… the main one (this time) being that I signed up for Curves today.. It is a female only gym close to my house, and I liked the atmosphere so I’m hoping it will help me (especially in the upcoming winter months) to get more active. But also… because I like curves, and want to reiterate that no matter how much weight I lose… I want to maintain my curves… just have… smaller curves.. and maybe a flatter belly heheh.

ANYHOODLES coming back to the gym, I decided to poke my head in today on a whim… and by whim I mean that I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but haven’t for one reason or another (fear, anxiety, stress, money… you name it, I’ve procrastinated because of it).. Today I put an end to that. Are there better gyms? I am pretty sure there are… Not saying Curves is a crappy gym, I’m just saying that it’s a rinky dink little gym and there’s not much to it, no fun zumba classes, no insane weight machines… just a circuit of thingies that I’ve been assured they’ll show me how to use on Monday, and a bunch of ladies.  Granted if I lived in Ottawa I would have more options, and more than likely find a gym that had a pool of some kind… but that’s a worry for another day. Here are the key factors of why I chose Curves.

Numero Uno… It is insanely close to my house, which means less excuse to not work out… I know that if i picked for example a goodlife I would have to drive there… driving there would mean having to set aside a block of time to go there, and factoring in traffic AND when I need to get the car home so M can go to work. Knowing me, that is just too many reasons to formulate an excuse not to go.

Numero Dos… It’s a women’s only gym. Sure some people like the idea of going to a gym full of eye candy.. and maybe one day I will too.. I’m not opposed to looking at some hot boys now and again LOL. BUT with that said… I also don’t want said boys to look at me…. EVER.. and that’s on my best days. Factor in sweat and a red splotchy face, and work out clothes… and well… I’d rather not be near anyone I find remotely attractive (And yes that stupidly includes my own boyfriend… who I don’t like to work out in front of)

Numero Trice (Am I even spelling these numbers right? I suppose I should have used french.. or I dunno… ENGLISH to write them.. but hey, I’m up for a nonexistent challenge now and again)…. where was I? . Oh yes Trice! It takes 30 minutes to do the whole circuit. I can find 30 min blocks of time.. especially right now with me working part time. 30 mins is way less scary than being trapped in a gym for hours to see results. I can do 30 minutes… And the circuit is pretty neat, you’re only on a machine for about 30 seconds before the magic voice in the wall says it’s time to switch machines… then I get to switch, so I can give it my all for 30 seconds at a time.. that’s totally not scary… 30 seconds is nothing.. I can do that!

So really… yes it’s not the biggest gym, and it doesn’t have fancy stuff in it… and I still dislike the idea of spending 50$ a month on a membership…. but if this is what it will take to keep me active through the winter, and help me set up a routine to build more activity into my life going forward… I think I can manage it.

What do you think?il_340x270.492072568_frdr

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