Dancing fool!

So I missed my walk today.. Well my lunch time walk anyway. I know, I know “For shame!!” But I’m not beating myself up over it. Firstly I was a zombie after 3 hours of sleep the night before, secondly I was on a very important cyber shopping mission (much success!) and lastly I have gotten good enough that I can forgive myself that one thing and not dwell on it.

Want to know what I did to make up for it? I DANCED! (OK maybe you guessed by my post title .. I’m not good at subtlety alright?!) I put on the first fast song I could find on my phone (which happened to be Jason Durulo’s Talk Dirty to me), and yes I probably butchered the spelling , my name is not Google and I’m typing this on my phone, just Love OK?… Anyway, I shook my groove thang all over the house for the entire length of the song.. I’m talking hard core aerobics style dancing! By the end of the song I was out of breathe and my legs were jelly!

So I’m filing today under the WIN category. Not only did I drink all my shakes, managed to shove 3 liters of water down my throat AND remember to take all my pills… But I also did something proactive to counterbalance the fact that I missed my lunch time walk rather than beat myself up about it.

I don’t know about you planet Earth… But I’m really loving this journey I’m on!

Thanks for the reads! Much Love <3 image

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