Day 2, still going strong

I think I’m looking at this, sort of the same way a smoker would think about quitting. One day at a time.

Last night I made a wonderful fetuccini with steamed brocolli and green onions.  YUM! I desperately wanted pizza and nachos.. but there you have it, I resisted the urge (which is still unfortunately lurking in the recesses of my mind) and had a healthy alternative for supper.

It’s the cravings that get me really.. Once I crave something, it will stick with me, haunting me, until I cave in. I’m not sure if this is the same for smokers or not.. but it’s how I feel. It’s 8AM, I’m not even hungry.. and still I feel this insanely overwhelming urge to make a heaping plate of nachos dripping in cheese and salsa and hamburger meat and veggies.. *drools* I’ve managed to not give into this urge for about a week now. Yes I’ve been craving it every day, and yes it’s harder then I thought it would be. Why is cheese so tasty? LOL

Tonight, despite my cravings.. I’m making either Pasta and Pesto loaded with steamed veggies or Open faced roast beef sandwhiches again loaded with veggies. Both options sound delish to me! So here’s to hoping I can stay strong. Eventually the craving should lesson… right? Smokers and Ex Smokers I’m talking to you!

So here I am.. day 2 of the blog. At work, craving all the things that are bad for me.. though still somehow excited at the 2 healthy options my new cookbook has provided me with for tonight. Seriously, I wonder what it would be like to live without constantly having to worry about food.

P.S I’m totally having a smoothie tonight. Peach and strawberry and vanilla non-fat frozen yoghurt plus orange juice = heaven 😛 What a nice “dessert”.

If anyone has tips on how to get over cravings I’m all ears. The more I talk, the more it sounds like I’m trying to quit drugs or smoking or alcohol lol so perhaps any techniques that work for quitting that, will help with my quitting binge eating?

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  • The key to anything food related is moderation.

    Nachos aren’t all bad, especially if you throw in some veggies and maybe use spinach chips as opposed to tortilla chips.

    These look good, and are healthy for you. As long as you do things in moderation, it’s ok to “cheat” a little here and there. Just don’t over-do it!

  • I have just favorited that site 😛 And shall try them someday soon! they look delish 🙂

  • A trick I use to cancel out sweet cravings is eating something sour, like a splice of lemon or lime or anything sour really. Sounds dumb but it works. Or I will eat a small low fat yogurt or a non sweetened fruit sauce like apple or pomegranate.

    To avoid binge eating I eat small meals and frequently. I snack on veggies and fruit. I haven’t been doing this lately but have had success with it before. I am starting to do it again. I did this and loss 30lbs in a summer.

    There is a healthy way to make each dish like instead of pizza dough use a pita and only a quarter of the cheese and pack it with veggies. Have more veggies than pasta in your pasta dishes etc.

    Weight loss and is just moderation, knowing how to make your meals healthy and low cal, and exercise … sounds simple doesn’t it but i can relate, it’s really hard.

    I wish you the best. If you need someone for support or tips I am currently also trying to lose weight.

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