Day Four… no clever rhyme today lol

I’ve managed pretty well through another day, still hungry but I think it’s a little better than it was yesterday. All signs point towards my slipping into ketosis finally.. with any luck it’ll be fairly smooth sailing by the weekend. *knock wood*.

4 days down, 86 to go… oy vey. Can I just say that the countdown is way more fun once I’m past the half way mark? haha.

On the plus side I am straddling the 300 lbs mark again, which means almost all the water weight I lost and than regained during my failed 2nd attempt is almost gone! Here’s to hoping I see more visual progress on my weight loss soon though. I may have some sort of body dysmorphia… I mean I know logically I have lost 65 lbs and I forget how many inches. I see my clothes are baggy that used to be tight…. but when I look in the mirror, I honestly don’t see a visual change. The person staring back at me is the exact same size as she was at the start of this whole thing.  I am constantly self talking myself to try and get over this, reminding myself of the lbs lost, the inches gone, purposely continuing to wear clothes that look ridiculous on me as they are baggy as all hell when they used to be nearly skin tight. At most it keeps me motivated to continue… but still, I don’t see a visual difference at all. When I look in the mirror, despite all the logic, and all the facts, I still look the same to me. The only place I’ve noticed a bit of a change is in my face… but my body? Nope, can’t tell the difference.

I wonder if I’ll ever see myself as smaller? I mean surely at some point my brain has to take a visual cue from reality and see what’s actually there right?

I’ll keep you posted 😛

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