Dirty 30 and a heap of Thanks

Last Friday I turned 30 years old… Thankfully I couldn’t care less about the number and I feel no different than I did at 29. The secret to youth I’ve found, is to enjoy life. Always take the time to appreciate the little things… It’s the little things in life that so often get overlooked, that can make a world of difference.

Take in every nuance life has to offer, and know that you can never recreate this moment… So treasure it. Every hug, every kiss, each smile from friends and strangers alike… These are all gifts. They all make my heart happy, and I hope they touch yours as well.

I let myself go this weekend, it involved a lot of friends, and a lot of food… My epic cheat weekend…. The scale dislikes me today… But I don’t mind. First let me say that as of this AM the scale tells me I’ve gained 7 lbs…….

Now let me tell you why I don’t mind.

This weekend I walked for hours, I went to the gym and worked out, I did housework, I was active!!! So yes I may have gained muscle.

Secondly, I was horrible about drinking my water… Not on purpose, but I kept forgetting my water bottle at home and so didn’t have constant access to my water… So it could be water retention.

Did I binge this weekend? Nope
Did I indulge this weekend? Yep! I ate whatever my stomach wanted, and this involved Pizza and nachos and ceaser salad and waffles and pie and cake..
BTW when I say weekend, I’m including Thurs and Fri in the mix because, well, I was off work, and so it kind of all lumps together.

I did make sure to eat slowly so as not to over-eat, I made sure to at the very least get in 1 litre of water a day (as opposed to my 3), I caught up on sleep and I put into practice a tidbit of advice from my behaviorist: Be kind to yourself.

Did I want to eat more? Obviously

Did I though? Nope!

So yes, the scale (today) says 7 lbs gain… But by official weigh in tomorrow it may be less… And even if it isn’t, it was my birthday… My 30th birthday for Pete’s sake… A set back number wise does not mean I fell off the wagon, or that I failed at all… In fact, I think I did pretty damn good!!

Screw you Mr. Scale!! πŸ˜›

Insert awkward segue here:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! (To all my fellow Canadians)

This year I am thankful to all of you, without your love and support I don’t think I’d have come this far this fast. I treasure each comment and email and text and hug. You are all so very important to me, and I hope you realize that.

I am thankful for love, without love, life would be so bleak. Love warms my heart and gives me hugs and let’s me snuggle. Love makes life worth living. So if I’ve ever told you I love you… You make my life worth living.

I am thankful to the Ottawa Weight Management Clinic and Optifast for being AWESOME, without your guidance I would not have been able to do this.

I have my health, my love, my friends and family, and happiness, with all of that, I am the luckiest lady in the world.

Be kind to one another, accept love when it is offered, and know that you are worth every kind word and hug I can send your way.


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