Final Chapter

One door closes, and another opens. It’s weird to say Goodbye to so many people who’ve been such a large part of my life for 3 years. Mostly I’m excited… What waits for me is something exciting and new and I have a feeling it is a good move for me.

Heck, if nothing else I should lose weight just from the amount of walking I’ll be doing. It takes me a good 10 mins right now just to walk up to the front doors! LOL I can’t wait to see where I’m working and get to learn the layout of a new land so to speak. I’ve made some pretty awesome friends at my old job… and I hope we stay in touch. Inevitably I know most of us won’t, not because we don’t want to… not because we are bad people.. but simply because sometimes Life just get’s in the way.

I have cupcakes to decorate tonight, and clothes to pick out (What DOES one wear to the last day of work??? I mean, do you dress up because you are saying goodbye… or do you just dress comfy and not give a hoot what you look like, because Meh, it’s your last day).. I think the hardest part of my day will be packing up my desk, knowing I will never sit there again, never again occupy that space. I know I’m a weirdo, but over time you tend to get comfortable. Being comfortable is nice.. saying goodbye to that comfort is odd..

Anyway I’m rambling LOL. Sufficed to say, my anxiety is , as always, present… but it’s being kept in check and I’m just all around pretty excited for tomorrow to be over LOL.

Lots of hugs.. and if I worked with you, if we’ve ever chatted, or smiled, or ever indulged in the amazingness of being a dork with me. Thanks šŸ™‚


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