Final info session completed!

Can I get a Woop Woop! Cause this Chickie is officially one step closer.

I will be on a calorie reduced diet for 1 week starting April 22nd, and then BAM 4 shakes a day! I have the diet profile so I’ve decided to slowly integrate it in the next 2 weeks anyway so 3 weeks of a low cal diet before my shakes.

I’ve gotta say, the more “real” this gets, the more I bounce back and forth between off the charts excited, and mind numbing fear lol.

I’m excited for the energy I’ll be gaining, the relief on my joints once some of the weight is off, the knowledge I’m going to gain to help me continue down this path to becoming a happier healthier Me, and hopefully, being able to shop in normal stores again!

What’s got me scared? Oooh you know, the hair loss, the possible gallstones, the excess skin which although I’m young and my skin Will shrink a bit on it’s own, I may be stuck with a skinner body that is equally revolting to myself in the mirror, will the weight loss bring about a whole new set of body issues to conquer? Oh and on a random note…because of my messed up past, what if guys actually find me attractive again? How the hell do I deal with that? I trust my guy friends not to rape me lol, but I still fear strangers, I realize consciously that I’ve used my weight as one giant cock-block. No one wants the fat chick (OK, OK there are some who do…. But in my experience it’s rare) so how do I deal with being “seen”, again? I don’t even have the safety of a wedding band to hide behind. Cue anxiety .

But all in all I must say I’m more excited than scared, I’m hopeful for a better life, a healthier body, and the ability to have fun again… Walk without tears, be able to play sports, attend functions without having to map out the fat friendly route, or come up with excuses to sit, leave early, or not even show up.

Life is about to get better, I just know it!!

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  • That’s awesome Shannon! I’m so excited for you! The only advice I have is to take it one step at a time. Don’t frighten yourself about the things that are still far in the future (and completely unlikely [the rape thing]) but my point is to focus on the important things that are happening now – like staying on plan with your diet and making it work. If the lose skin happens, it happens. Would you rather risk dying young to avoid having loose skin? I know a lot of people are worried about that being a problem (myself included) but the fact is, my health is 1000x more important than how i look in a bikini (besides, vintage one-pieces are back en vogue anyway) and perhaps one day, if i choose too, i could have surgery to correct anything I wasn’t happy with after the weight loss. But again, this is a major “IF” and you don’t need to worry about crossing that bridge until you get to it.

    In the meantime focus on the first few steps to becoming a healthier/happier new you – and feel proud of yourself for accomplishing each step along the way. Weight loss and weight issues in general are not easy to deal with and it takes a lot of strength to persevere so be proud of yourself doing it! You deserve it! and you CAN do it!

    Side note, i joined a forum for weight loss support called maybe you’ll find some helpful info/motivation on there too!

    • Oh sweet I’ll have to check it out!!! Thanks 😀 Also thanks for the wicked awesome post! I’m going to be re-reading these comments like crazy anytime I get down and need that little motivational bump 😀

  • Thank you for sharing your inner thoughts and feelings! I am so proud of you because you are so brave! One day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time……you can do anything for a minute, right? I think about you often! Shari xoxoxox

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