Finding my way back to Me

So here’s the thing… I used to be an artist.. not a hippy, way out there kind of pie in the sky, feet never touching the ground, kind of artist… but I loved to create, and I loved the feeling of creating and seeing my heart and soul put onto paper, or canvas.

I used to love a lot of things that I stopped doing when I became too sad to remember loving them anymore.

So tonight I decided I would try and start writing again, see where that get’s me. Also it’s a lot less messy to type on a laptop, then it is to pick up a canvas and try to paint…

Anyhoo, so I took the advice of one of the sweetest most wonderful girls I’ve ever met, who by the way is a bonafide author,  and put pen to paper…. er.. keys to screen? Ummm I have no idea what I’m saying.. but I took her advice and I started to write,and one thing led to another, and I now have enough that I sent her a snippit.  We shall see how it goes. Maybe it will be an epic fail, in which case I’ll try another, and another, and another, and…. well you get the point.

I guess this is the next step in trying to get back to who I was before things got dark. One more foot forward. I wonder what the next will be!

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