First nibbles of self-control

This weekend was a blast. I am utterly exhausted, and feel as though I haven’t actually HAD a weekend lol but that is simply because I was too busy having fun to actually rest.  I did some baking, had a cake consultation, hung out with friends, went out to eat.. OH and had a few nibbles of a friends Nacho’s… Yes that is right.. a few nibbles!

OK so they weren’t my version of yummy nachos.. they were taco bell nacho supreme. But I had a few chips, and that was it. Done. Fini. I won 😛

I will admit to eating like crap this weekend, but I think I did it in a smarter way than I would have before I started this whole process so that’s a good step forward I think. First of all, I ordered a calzone deal from pizzapizza on Saturday.. this comes with 2 calzones, 2 pops and I added a garlic dip.  Old me would have eaten it all and would have ordered 2 garlic dips, one for each calzone… New me gave one of the drinks to Mike, had one calzone on Sat and ate the other on Sun.. and only ordered one garlic dip.  I ate slowly and once I started to get full, I stopped. Also we had poutine on Freddy Mercury Fill up Fail Fridays. I knew in advance this was what our cheat night was going to be.. so I purposely ate less during the day and drank more water to help me stay “full” until supper time where I devours my ooey gooey delicious poutine.

So yes I ate like Crap this weekend.. and Yes I shouldn’t have done that. But at least I’m able to admit it and even while I was doing it I made a conscious effort to minimize the effect it would have on me.  Also I woke up this AM and weighed myself just for fun, figuring the weekend would have killed my weight loss successes so far. In actuality the scale says I’ve lost somewhere between 10-15 lbs ish.. since I began. I really can’t wait until I can get accurate weight measurements from my scale. Perhaps I’ll look around and invest in a digital one that goes up as high as I weight… do they even exist? I’ll have to find out lol. Either way, all things considered I was very happy to see the scale around the 10-20 mark rather than the 30-40 mark it used to be. I’m getting there folks!

OH and more success.. I found my FAVORITE cookies of all time at Bulk barn, they used to be sold by Loblaws but for whatever reason they stopped selling them and I was a sad panda. Well Bulk barn now carries them. I bought a bag and was afraid I’d binge… but NOPE I was able to stop myself after 3 cookies! If I can keep that up the bag will last me awhile AND I will have more successes over my urge to binge 😀 Life is good right now.

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  • This is all fantastic news! Congratulations on beating the beastly binging bears, as I call them and seeing a nice drop on the scale. Keep it up WonderWoman!! This is your time to shine!!

  • That’s awesome Shannon! There’s nothing wrong with eating like crap as long as it isn’t a regular habit! life is too short to deny yourself the things you love but on the same coin, too much of a good thing can be bad.

    You’re awesome!

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