Freddy Mercury, Fill up Fail Fridays

Welcome to Friday!!!!! It’s here, we made it.. and It’s WONDERFUL isn’t it?

Yesterday, as those who follow know, was Thrilling Thunderdome Thursdays. I said I would do housework and go up the stairs twice. What did I do you ask? WELL I’ll tell you… I packed up some dishes in the kitchen as we just have WAY too many. It comes in handy when we have guests, but when it comes to dishes.. it’s not a good thing lol. So packed away they’ve gone, I also went up the stairs once… twice.. THREE times! Mike really helped me out there.. My legs were jello after the second but he encouraged me to try one more time.. so I ran back down the stairs and half ran/half walked up the third time.  One more step forward! I’m pretty happy about it.

Tonight my mom is coming over for supper, I’m going to be showing off the handywork we’ve done around the house with the help of our amazing friend S who’s helped with our electrical and I personally think it’s transformed the house. OK so we still have 3 missing walls in the bathroom upstairs, and a missing shower, and a missing ceiling and vent fan downstairs, and it needs paint, and the mudroom needs to be fixed or torn down, and the clothes line needs to be installed and.. and… and.. The list goes on. BUT just by changing out the light switches it looks amazing. So yes I’ll be touring her around the house tonight, follow that by a healthy meal of some sort ( I do believe it will be Lean roast with rice and veg. ) My mom is the best!  I’m so blessed to have her in my life. She’s one of my best friends, and has always been a beacon of light, even in my darkest days.  Without her love I would not be where I am today.

Not sure what the plans are for this weekend other than that we’re going out for lunch with friends on Sat. Beyond that I’m hoping for nice weather and the chance to hopefully reach level 85 in WOW lol. I’m such a nerd.

With that I shall hit submit on today’s addition to the blog. As always thanks for reading. <3 Your views and comments and support help me continue to take one more step forward.

Happy Friday!

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