Friday the 13th

Welcome to Friday y’all!

Today is normally my fail cheat day etc.. but since I ate a massively delicious poutine on Tuesday at the vape meet I’ve been doing my best to be a good girl the rest of the week.  The pounds have not come back (YES!!) but I also haven’t lost anything else.  On the plus side this weekend this weekend I have major plans for yard work and this = sore body and work out magic will happen!!!  I sorta can’t wait! Sitting at a desk all day tends to make me antsy for the outdoors.

No idea what will happen tonight for noms, but I know that I plan on pushing my body to the limit this weekend! Anyone up for some yardwork is welcome to join LOL. I want to beging the outdoor transformation of my tired house into Magic! Will it happen this weekend? NOPE , but at least it’s a start!

P.S I’d like to say that music has been an insane help this week, keeping me pumped up! Walk off the Earth is my current fave band and I spend all day at work just listening and feel like energy is pouring through me ready to be released as soon as I have the chance!  Let’s see if that magic can keep me pumped this weekend as well! Can’t wait

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