Friendship Fuzzies

optimist_prime_by_avid-d2xz9e1Good friends are hard to find. This is true…. but I’m a lucky girl and I’ve met some pretty spectacular people in my life. I’d like to give them all a big *HUG* right now.

Life sometimes kicks your butt… it knocks you down, and it deals you a shitty hand. But it also sends some pretty epic people your way to make you smile. For that I am eternally grateful. I try not to mention names on my blog out of respect for people’s privacy (unless they comment and then I’ll reply to them… obvs. LOL). So I won’t list names in this post… but there are a handful of people I would like to thank for being amazing.. See if you can guess which post is yours 😉 (If you want to guess. I’ll tell you in private if you are correct. FB or email or comment away heh.. some will be easy peasy… some will be rather vague and difficult to guess.. because MAYBE it applies to multiple people)

1.  You’ve worn multiple hats in my life… but you’ve always been there. From day 1 you have always been there in my corner. I owe my very life to you, and I will spend the rest of my life loving you. You’ve raised me, provided for me, been that rock I clung to in the storm. I love you. (OK This is super obvious.. it’s my Mommy… but after that NO NAMES)

2. I’ve loved you almost from the start. We’ve gone through hell and back and I think we’re coming out better on the other side.  You’ve supported me, and loved me, forgiven my mistakes, and taught me how to forgive you your own. I’m a better person for having loved you. I hope to always hold this love we have 🙂 You are a good man, and you make me giggle on an almost hourly basis. Life is better with you in it.

3. The Feels are probably the worst thing that has ever happened to the human heart. Still, it’s better because I have you to share it with. Our words are a balm to my soul, and I hope to yours as well. I will always be that shoulder for you, as you’ve been mine. We met by chance… we’ve stayed friends by choice. I love you girlie! I couldn’t navigate life as well without you…

4. You are like a Philly Pretzel.. but don’t worry your secret is safe with me. You are hard and crunchy on the outside… but the inside of you is a softy. I’ve known you for longer than I can remember.. and though we lost touch, I am thankful we have found each other again. Never give up the soft goodness inside, even if you hide it from most people. I know it’s there, and that’s all that counts. I believe in your goodness. I trust you. Thank you for everything. I feel safer in all things because I have a friend like you in my corner. Thanks for letting me lean on you, and thank you for being there.

5. It often seems as though we share the same brain. Our thoughts are so similar, and there’s not another lady around that reminds me so much of myself. I thank Jeebus every day that we met, and that our friendship has flourished. You are the warmest, kindest person I know, and you truly deserve nothing but goodness and love. I am lucky to have such a wonderful friend. No matter the day or time, I know that if I needed you, you would be there, and I hope that you know I will always be here for you. I have shared secrets with you that have weighed heavily on my soul.. and you made the burden lighter somehow. I value every moment we spend together, and I love you like a sister.  P.S 130 days left until Halloween!

6. Soul Sisters are hard to find… I happened to find you at an early age, and though time has changed the ties of our friendship somewhat, it has in no way altered the love. I know that even if we went 20 years (please let’s not do that LOL) without talking.. I could call you up and we’d chat like old times. Friendships like that are hard to find.. and I treasure ours. Can’t wait to meet your little man!

7. Bitches B Crazy… And mistakes happen. It does not matter what you have done in the past… everyone makes mistakes, everyone can get lost down the wrong road…it’s today that is important. It is where you are headed that counts. I believe you are on your way back, and I am SO happy to have re-connected with you. You are kind and funny and though we’ve only recently found each other again, it was really nice, and I look forward to future chats. Good people are hard to find.. and you are one of them. Don’t let mistakes make you think otherwise.

8. I owe you a lot. like A LOT… Not only is this blog because of your wicked awesome talents… but you were our closest friend while we were in the midst of hell… and that must have been horrible. You’ve helped both of us grow as people, and you are like a brother to me. I am counting down the seconds until your little girl comes into this world so I can tell her how wonderful her daddy is!

9. CP stands for Cutie Patrol… OK no it doesn’t, but if this paragraph is for you, you will already know what it stands for. Some might say our friendship is a strange paring. Some may not understand the bond we have… but I think some people are idiots. Every day I wake up thankful to have you in my life, and I wouldn’t trade you for the world. A lot of my new-found serenity is because of your patience and understanding and wisdom. You are a good man, and rock at everything you do. Traditional, we are not… but who needs tradition when what we have is perfection. Love you!

10. You’re my girl! … ok that sounded weird.. What I meant to say is that you are a girl.. and we are friends. GOOD friends..and for me that is rare. Mostly I like guys, less drama, less insanity, less PMS… but with you it’s easy. With you I still feel like one of the guys.. but I can also paint my nails with you and go shopping and do whatever girlie things the boys would complain about. You are my escape from the testosterone.. and pretty much you are AWESOME And I love you. Please never give up being who you are… because who you are is one of my fave people of all times.

11. We’ve known each other for more years than I can recall… and the love for you I have is deep and everlasting. Friendships that stand the test of time, and distance… and circumstances beyond our control, are near impossible to come across.. yet here we are, defying the odds, and being wicked awesome while we do it. I hope you one day wake up to see the wealth of talent you have, and stop criticizing yourself. You’re a rare jewel.

Welp folks.. that’s it for now. I may keep adding to this as time goes on, if I’ve forgotten you this time around, don’t be mad… more than likely I am sitting here convinced I wrote about you and won’t realize until much later I forgot. My brain is like swiss cheese lately. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

If and when I add to this blog post in the future, I will private message the people who the paragraphs belong to and let them know which one is about them.. this way if they don’t want to read the list as it grows.. they can skip right to the juicy stuff.

And I’d like to write a general THANK YOU to everyone in my life. It’s taken a long time, but I think I’ve gotten rid of all the people who were toxic. The poison is gone.. and I’m starting to heal.

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