Getting back to Basics

Hello Interwebs..

So lately I’ve been slipping. I’ve had my reasons, and they are all valid. But it’s time to get back to basics. Today is Make an Effort Monday and by golly I’m gonna make an effort!

I should preface this by saying that even while “slipping” I’ve been doing my best not to go overboard. I’ve managed to deny my urges to binge and though tempting as it was, still have not had more nachos. I may have been throwing caution to the wind, but I also didn’t want to give up on all the progress I’ve made. In this time if I can read my scale correctly (which is wonky at best.. I really do need to find a scale that goes as high as i weigh lol) Anyway yes, if I’ve read it correctly I’ve managed to loose 1 more lb. Which is AWESOME though I don’t fully trust that knowledge LOL.

Anyway, this weekend I did some yardwork. Well by yardwork, I mean cleaning out the shed so I can make room for new stuff and things. We bought a bunch of yard tools that I don’t feel comfy having out in the open and so room needed to be made. After I was done I felt like someone had taken a sledge hammer to my legs, so I’m counting that as a good sign! Hopefully the weather holds up and I can get out for a walk this week or pick up more of the branches outside. I had wanted to do that yesterday but I was just way too sore. Hopefully the neighbors don’t hate me too much :S It’s going to get done I Promise!!!

My plans for this week are to pour over my low-calorie cookbook again and find some new dishes to try this week. I’m working on getting myself excited over healthy food, rather than instantly wanting pizza or poutine every time I have a craving.

All in all, I’m thinking today is the beginning of a new era in my journey. I slipped a bit, but now it’s just time to work that much harder.  I may never be a twig, and I don’t ever want to be one.. but I would like to be healthy and happy in my own skin.

<3 Hugs to everyone who’s on their own journey, whatever that may be!

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  • Wow so apparently I’ve missed quite a few posts lol!

    Just catching up today on my favourite little inspiration!

    You are awesome Shannon and believe me everyone knows it!

    Keep up the effort Shannon and don’t let anything get you down! We all have down days and they are just something to deal with in life!

    You’re doing awesome and you are awesome!

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