Grapefruit is Nom worthy

Hi Internets.

So this morning I had a grapefruit for breakfast… Those things are Ah-Mazing! Just felt like sharing some Pomplamouse love this morning.

In other news I’ve held true to my bargain so far. Last night I had 2 tacos even though they are SOOOO Tasty I wanted more. Also, we went out with friends later that night and I refrained from having anything at all. All in all I think good choices were made 🙂

I’m still not comfortable in my skin, and avoid looking at myself in the mirror as much as possible, but with more pounds gone hopefully my body image will change as well. I wrote the poem below when I was a kid (maybe 12 ish? ) I forget the rest of it.. but it still fits with how I feel today.

Body Image:

Is Image who we are?
Or a portrait of who we want to be…
As people we are strong,
As individuals we are weak.
Always second guessing ourselves
Our ability to be strong.
Always looking when someone “better” walks by,
To see they do the same thing.

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