Gym Jam all day long

SO today I heard back from my hospitals weight loss program. I’ve been on a waiting list for a few months now, so this is a pretty big deal. Unfortunately I got the news just in time to miss the current session, but they’ve signed me up for October 4th’s info session. This has effectively done 2 things for me 1) it has given me a timeline in the future so I can begin to budget for the cost of this program, as well as prepare for it mentally and 2) it has given me a date with which I am using as a “goal day” to see what I can do solo… maybe come October I won’t need the program anymore, and if that is the case I can give up my spot to someone else who is in the position I am right now.

After I got off the phone with the hospital, I was feeling rather inspired… so I approached one of my co-workers who’s been with my company for awhile and worked up the nerve to ask them where the gym is.  This sparked a tonne of excitement and the three of us dropped everything and went on an adventure to find it. Gym found we took a look around, I unfortunately, was in a dress, so no spur of the moment work out for me… but one of the girls went around and tried out a few machines…

The gym is awesome, not huge… but nothing to sneeze at either, every piece of equipment I could need to lose weight is right there… and starting Tuesday (because I’m not allowed to come in Mondays due to my contract) I’ll be going to the gym. I havne’t worked out yet if I will go over my lunch hour, or after work, but either way I’m going to do this! This weekend brings shoe shopping and a shopping trip for a gym bag and toiletries so I can shower after my work out.

Don’t get me wrong, I probably won’t be able to do much.. compared to what any of you can do I’m sure it won’t even seem like a work out, but for me… this is pretty HUGE. I can’t even use an elevator to go down there… And after the work out, I have to climb UP the stairs.

Maybe I’m crazy… maybe I’m just taking the next step forward 🙂

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  • You go girl! I’ll be waiting for the next blog.

  • Every voyage begins with the first step my girl. A cliche? Yes, but none the less true. By fixing smaller goals you won`t get discourage so easily. If you only do 5 minutes the first day then the next aim for 6, sooner or later it will increase and become easier. xoxo

    • 😀 Love you Bubby! <3 I got shoes yesterday and now to figure out a "gym bag" because by the time we were done Ikea and Payless and Home Depot we were too wiped out to go anywhere else LOL. One thing at a time 😛

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