I’m BACK!!!

I wish I could herald my return with rainbows and shouts for joy and dancing in the streets (hmmm… OK Maybe no street dancing, but you know what I mean). The fact is, I’ve just been busy. Thrown off my game by life, and I’ve gained more weight.. Yep! So I’m a bit MORE morbidly Oh.. now… Not by much, but ya know, at my weight every pound extra sucks.

With that said though, I’m not letting it get me down. I know I’ve been eating like CRAP lately. Stress and busy lives tend to do that to me. It’s one more thing I need to work on overcoming. C’est la vie right?

On the PLUS side though, because let’s face it.. if you look hard enough, there is ALWAYS a plus side… I planted flowers in my front yard (with the help of my Amazeballs Mom and her friend Darlene), I’ve done a boat load of walking (except for this week due to my sunshine quarantine thanks to the worst sunburn I have ever had), and I’m just generally a lot happier lately. I’m blessed to have great friends and a Mom and Boyfriend who love me and life is pretty good right now.

My last day of work with my current job is quickly coming to an end, this has me a bit stressed because I don’t actually know my start date for my new job yet.. BUT I know it will be sooner rather than later, keeping all my fingers and toes and legs and arms crossed for good news! 😛

Anyway I’m itching to get back to MineCraft right now so I’ll end this post here… Singing / blogging / and playing Minecraft with friends.. Best Night EVER 😛

P.S Arnold is going to be in the NEW Terminator… which is EXCITING! (Yes babe I wrote this for you)

Have a great night everyone <3 Hugs and Stuff

The Fawker!

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