Life and Love… and almost baggy pants!

Hi All, I know I haven’t written as often lately, but there is in fact a good reason for this.  I don’t want y’all to get bored.. and really reading about what I ate last night every single day would be insanely tedious. As a result I’m blogging less often, but hopefully my posts will pack more punch so to speak.

Yesterday I attended the funeral of one of my best friends father. It was a gorgeous day, and a beautiful memorial. I am sure he was touched to see how deeply he was loved by friends and family alike.

 The service really struck a chord with me, I really am too sensitive for my own good, but this one in particular touched me. He was a man taken too early, and who will be missed my many. It  made me face mortality and the fact that we are all in fact mortal beings who occupy this earth for only a short time, and leave behind footprints in the hearts of all those who knew us. It also brought home the point that we never really know how long we’ve been granted on this Earth and that we should strive to make each day the best we possibly can. My heart goes out to his family, who over the course of the 4 years I have known them, I have come to cherish. They are good people, and I am lucky to know them :). I am truly sorry for his passing.

I am sorry if this post feels clumsy, while I stumble over my own words trying to find the right thing to say. I’m afraid there never really is a “right” thing to say in this situation. The point I am awkwardly trying to make is that I am promising to myself, and to all of you who read my blog, that I will continue to try and make the best choices, for my own happiness, my health, and most importantly for the sake of all my loved ones. I like to think that when my time comes, I will leave a legacy of love and laughter behind and that I did everything I could to live my life to the fullest. Sure I have some roadblocks, but as you’ve seen with this blog i’m doing my best to overcome them. 

On the progress front, since we last spoke I tried on a pair of pants. Not just any pants mind you… but a pair I had not been able to button up at all in the past year.. I mean I could sort of zip it up and botton it if I was laying down on the bed sucking in my stomach for all I was worth, but I would be in no way comfortable while wearing them. In any case I held on to them because they are pretty work pants and me + pant shopping = a nightmare.  On a whim (and due to a lack of clean clothes lol) I pulled this pair of pants from my closet and tried them on. Beforehand making sure to remind myself of how uncomfortable they were, and how little they had fit me, and not to get my hopes up. Well wouldn’t you know it the pants slid on like a glove. And not only that but they are BAGGY in certain areas. That is a feeling I never though I’d have again. BAGGY. Let me tell you I got a bit light headed and couldn’t believe my good luck! Surprise clean pair of pants AND proof I’ve actually lost some inches!  (Insert Happy dance here.. y’all know you want to join in lol).

Since then I have been doing my best to keep up the progress. Every day I take more baby steps knowing that each right choice is a step closer to a happier me, and each bad choice is either a step backwards or at the very least a missed opportunity to step forward.  Like I’ve said before I am not perfect, but I’m friggin trying my best 🙂 And I’m so happy to see some sort of result!

On the plus side today also seems to be holding up the nice weather, and so I am fully planning on getting some yardwork done when I get home. Hopefully finish picking up the branches I was too sore to grab last weekend.

Don’t forget to keep taking baby steps forward, no matter what goal you’re working towards.. Every step forward gets you that much closer to the finish line! <3

Much Love

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  • YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!! I’m so happy for you, Girl! It’s an AWESOME feeling to fit into pants that were once too small! *MEGA high fives and a happy dance, too boot*

    • hehe Thanks Paula 😀 I’m still pretty excited about it! I still have many pants that don’t fit yet… but I know I’ll get there 🙂 One step at a time I can’t wait! It really is an awesome feeling. I didn’t think it would be possible for me. MUAH!

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