Make and Effort Mondays

So Monday was a success. Can I get a Woot Woot!  The day was a bit chaotic, but managed to have a healthy supper (Pasta and Pesto with veggies). It was delish! For “dessert” as we were both a bit hungry, we had frozen fruits lol. Wanted something sweet, so it made a good sub in a pinch. Better than eating ice cream or cookies!

Monday has been officially dubbed “Make an Effort Mondays”. We’re working on a fun title for every day to help keep us motivated. Not sure what Tuesday will be.. Maybe Turn it up Tuesdays and have a wee bit of a dance a thon tonight as my work out? hehe

The support for friends and family has been pouring in, and I honestly have no idea how to respond to everyone. The motivation I feel, and the positivity that is coursing through my veins as we speak, is largely due to each of you. Without your love and support I don’t know that I’d have the strength to keep fighting the fat fight :P.

My mom’s coming over for supper on Friday.. Normally I’d make nachos, because as she knows I make them best! But in the spirit of positive changes I am opting instead to make a healthy meal on Friday. I know, I know, Friday is Freddy mercury Fill up Fail fridays… but perhaps I’ll push the cheat day to Sat or Sun.. or perhaps I won’t cheat at all. I just know I want to eat healthy on Friday and so I shal fill up on healthy nom noms with my mom! I can’t wait!

I wonder how long it will be before I can look in the mirror and just be happy with the girl staring back at me? So far I’m not there. Not even close. BUT I did notice last night that my eyes are pretty awesome looking and I have super boobs. That’s a start lol.

On that super boob note, I shall hit publish and wish you all a Happy Turn it up Tuesday! Blast some toons and shake your groove thang with me 😛 You know you wanna <3

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