My first flash fiction contest!

So my friend K is pretty awesome, and she suggested a forum for me when I’d mentioned getting back into writing. She also mentioned the August Flash Fiction contest that was about to wrap up…. so naturally my curiosity said Hey let’s go check it out.

( I suggest you do the same…. though submissions end Aug 15th so hurry your butt up there Chicko!)

Anyhoo, so I began to write… and then I wrote some more, and then I erased a lot of it, and then added to it… eventually I ended up with a nice little short story that followed all the rules and I think is pretty great. *Fingers crossed I’m right* LOL

I can’t share my story with you until voting ends.. but once it ends I’ll post the story in here so y’all can read it. Good luck to all who’ve entered, and I can’t wait to read everyone’s entries!

Happy Writing!


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