Not even in dreams

So my constant craving of all things edible continues… I’m still going strong, though HOW I don’t know. Last night… or this morning… I slept all day so at some point, I had dreams… Strange and evil dreams whereby all of my friends ate all of my absolute favorite foods – While I cleaned the house because even my subconscious won’t allow me to indulge! I think I should be happy… but dammit those nachos looked sumptuous with a side of OMG PLEASE!!!!?!?!?!?!?… Doesn’t my dream self know that dreams contain ZERO calories?


On the plus side this Tuesday will mark the beginning of week 6, which is officially the half way mark! I’m hoping the next 6 weeks will bring even more weight loss, and that my body will start to allow me to MOVE more. Lately I’ve been getting drained easily, and it is hard… Also I woke up today with both my legs feeling bruised (perhaps real me punched dream me in the legs for not letting real me eat food in my dreams? LOL), so that’s a thing..

I know I’ve been making good progress… over 20 lbs is no joke man. It’s been the toughest (almost) 6 weeks of my life, and I’m sure the next 6 won’t be a cake walk either. One foot in front of the other. One day at a time… I’ll get there.

Today I did a giant fail whale on the water consumption… mainly because when I’m not feeling well the LAST thing I want to drink is water (for some reason it makes me feel worse)… AND i was asleep all day, it’s kind of hard to drink while sleeping, unless I want to risk drowning myself….. Which I don’t.

So tomorrow I will have to be better. That’s just all there is to it.

I hope tomorrow brings better health, less pain, and the energy to clean up my house which is badly in need of some TLC. And hey, housework counts as a work out!

… as it’s 1AM I should say Good morning.. I’m off to sleep now.

I hope you are all having sweet dreams, and that your dream selves at least let you eat ALL THE THINGS.




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