Oh Canada… I miss your Poutine

Happy Canada day to all my Canadians (and an early July 4th to my friends South of the border)

I’m going to keep this short and sweet… Cause it’s late and I need sleep LOL… But it was my first (and hopefully last) Canada day while on Optifast and I have to say… I was not a fan.

Canada day to me… Is about BBQs and chip trucks and extra cheesey poutine.. It’s Strawberry shortcake and slush puppies and swimming with friends.. It’s ice cream on the beach with my toes in the sand, or ribs at my parents place after a day out on the lake…

It is usually my one and only summer bash.

This year, I stayed inside…. I watched TV, played PC games and got lost in a good book…… I had my shakes… And am currently catching myself biting the inside of my lip in what I can only attribute to my urge to chew and eat. I’m not doing it consciously… But I keep catching myself doing it.breakfast Anyway.. Somewhat of an unpatriotic Canada day… But it was needed. If I was near anything delicious today I would have been a cranky fusspot LOL. As it was, I relaxed has some snuggles and killed a lot of Zombies.

Oh Canada
One day I will eat food
And when I do
It will taste oh so good
With squeaky cheese
And golden fries
I pour gravy on thee
With beaver tails
I see your smile
And a double / double for ME
Maple syrup
Is the food of the Gods
Sweet and sticky
You complete my breakfast 🙂

G’Night all


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