Oh how I love food

I’ve been back on food for a few days now… it was a rocky start, upset tummy was angry with the sudden increase in fibre… but aside from that it’s been a pretty smooth transition. My energy levels sky rocketed and are back to normal, for which I am extremely thankful.

So far I’ve managed to stay within my caloric limit, while enjoying the crap out of food.. can I just say Bruchetta is god’s gift to humans? Flavors bursting in my mouth, the ability to chew! It has been wonderful. With the success (so far), it’s helped spur me forward, to continue to feel good about my choice to go back on food. I may chose to do shakes again in the future, who knows, but right now this is the right thing for me to do. I kind of want to prove to myself that I don’t NEED shakes in order to lose weight… that I can still enjoy life, and food, and get skinnier.

We’ll see how I do. So far so good. I’ve been avoiding the scale because I know I will gain weight (While on shakes, your body drops a lot of water weight since it is no longer holding on to and processing carbs. Carb molecules hold onto 2 water molecules each… so once I go back to food and am processing carbs again, those carbs retain water… thus an instant gain) So yeah, no weight update yet… I’ll refrain from stepping on the scale for awhile in an effort to not discourage myself from this course. Right now it’s enough to know that I feel healthy, happy, and am re-energized towards reaching my goals.

Also, a random stranger from work stopped me in the washroom to ask if I’d lost more weight, she said every time she see’s me I’m smaller, and she’s proud of me… That was just….. It stopped me dead, I had no idea how to respond, other than to blush and thank her, and feel like a little school girl inside LOL. ย I must be doing something right eh? ๐Ÿ™‚

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