One foot in front of the Other

Hi Interwebz

I haven’t posted in awhile, and so felt the need to write something… say Something. Though I am not sure what to say.

Every day I continue to put one foot in front of the other, I continue to try, and I continue to do my best. Sometimes my best isn’t good enough, sometimes it’s more than I expected.. Either way I’m always moving forward.

I have hit a bit of a plateau and it’s annoying me. I have not gained/lost in about 2 weeks now. I know I should do more, I just haven’t found the motivation yet. On the up side though, we’ve been so busy on the weekends that I spend the rest of the week with sore muscles from all the walking we’ve been doing. That’s a plus! Now to find the strength to keep going even when my muscles are sore.

I’ve taken to making more smoothies lately as per my previous posts. When fruits go on sale I’ve been buying them, cutting them up and flash freezing them for my own use later! So far I’ve done this with Bananas, Strawberries, and raspberries. I am still unsure if I’m allergic to banana’s or what but I love them and so I nom on them in smoothies. If I try to eat a banana raw my whole mouth burns to the point where I feel sore the rest of the day like I have a thousand tiny papercuts everywhere… however when I put a few slices of banana’s into a strawberry banana smoothie there is no burning sensation in my mouth. Is this because I’ve diluted it? I have no clue. But there you have it.

OH Also try this, Strawberry banana smoothie made with grapefruit juice! Add a dash of vanilla extract and some frozen yoghurt and it’s DELISH!

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