Our wedding will be Offbeat, for better or worse

Have you read the offbeat bride, or seen the site? That’s us.

OK wait.. take a step back, if your heart is beating wildly and you fear for our future wedding… will there be zombie strippers dancing on the tables? Will we walk down the aisle nude and seal our union with a shot of whiskey from skull decanters?

No… although I have mad respect for those who do.. that’s not us.

But what I will say, and what I have been afraid to say up until this point.. Our wedding isn’t about you. I have been so scared to hurt people, or alienate anyone, that I’ve lost sight of what it really should be about.. This day is a day for Mike and I to stand before our friends and family and declare our love, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, and all the fun that comes along with that.

Up until recently I have been weighed down with what other’s think, trying to take everyone feelings into consideration, to the exclusion of my own… And that is NOT OK.

So what does that mean? It means that we will be married outside unless there is a rainstorm or a snow storm or it’s Hot <-- Ew... Please don't let it be hot.. anything but that. It might be cold, and if it is, by all means, wear a coat or a sweater, I'll do my best to ensure everyone is comfortable... but we will still be married outside if that is what we want. Furthermore, we'll create a ceremony that speaks to us, and eat a menu based on what tastes amazing at our tasting, we'll decorate in a way that fits us, and heck we'll even dance naked if we want.... OK thankfully for you (and everyone's eyeballs) we don't want that LOL. Basically, our wedding won't be 100% traditional, because neither of us have ever believed that a wedding should be a stuffy boring affair filled with traditions we don't believe in or feel reflects us, our love, or our relationship. Some things will be omitted, some new things may be added, we may or may not pull from multiple traditions, or create all new ones. So forgive me if I go somewhat silent on our future plans, my new-found voice is still shaky and I may not yet have the strength to defend our choices against those who oppose... But know that our wedding will be filled with love, laughter, and pull from both of our personalities. Our wedding, like our relationship, will be a combination of the best parts of us fused into an epic celebration.

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