#PLOT… part 2

Hey all

OK so remember how yesterday I was talking about how I wasn’t sure how I’d do on the liquid diet thing… Well I did horribly! lol. Basically I almost passed out at work, complete with the world shrinking etc. So a few moments of deep breathing, and then a trip to the vending machine for some fruit snacks and I was good to go until I got home.

What did I learn? Well simply put, I’m not at a stage yet where I can really fast or cleanse while doing day to day things. I suppose my body needs a certain amount of calories or what not to keep me going? Another thing I learned, is that I also don’t want to give up! At home rather than eating a bunch of food because of how hungry I was, I had egg salad wraps. 2 wraps, loaded with celery and eggs and I used wraps as it has less bread than a sandwich would. I also skipped on having dessert or snacks later even when Mike was like “I’m hungry.. I want Ice cream.. you want some”.. my body said YEP any excuse to pack in more food… my brain said what the eff body, shut up. So I declined and had water instead.

Also with the help of my bro I have some fruits flash freezing for smoothies and I’m not giving up on my smoothies/juice. I think rather than trying a liquid only diet, I will have much smaller portions of food while at home and substitute some food for juice/smoothie. Best of both worlds I think/hope.

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  • I think your plan is a good one. Fasting or liquid diet is not the healthiest one to follow and yes your body does need a certain amount of calories each day before it thinks you are going into starvation mode ( a self defense reaction to not having food readily available) and stores all of your calories instead of buring them.

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