Some of you may be familiar with Philip DeFranco from Youtube/Sourcefed/Twitter etc. He has stated that he’d like to lose some weight, and he figured one olsen twin weighs about 30 lbs (insert humor here folks) so hense Project-Lose-An-Olsen-Twin = #PLOT on Twitter/youtube. You can also join the PhillyD Nation on Facebook link below. www.facebook.com/DeFrancoNation

The point is that I’d like to take part in this.  Now I obviously need to lose more than 30 lbs, in fact I still have about 165 pounds left to go ( AHH scary yes I know.. on the plus side, you probably aren’t in the same boat so seeing my number may make you feel better about your own). However with that said.. 30 lbs, is 30 lbs. And no I don’t think I can do it in the timeframe PhillyD will, but I will lose as much as I can. Ever since my last WOOT I lost 15 lbs post, the scale as not budged. This is mainly due to the fact that stopping bingeing alone has dropped my weight considerably, and avoiding future binges has stopped the weight from coming back. However I have not been working out or anything resembling what you would do while trying to lose weight… and that has resulted in the lack of results. Like mentioned in previous posts I seem to have hit a lull… a lack of motivation etc etc. You know the rest. While focusing on my mental health has in fact helped me a lot… it hasn’t brought me any closer to my goal weight in the last few weeks, so I would like to try a new tactic.  No I am still not going on a “diet”, however I’m re-committing myself to being better. This week I’m doing a bit of a mini cleanse, whereby I will eat breakfast and “TRY” for the rest of the day to only drink smoothies/fresh squeezed juice/salad.  My reasoning for the word “TRY” is that in part because of my size, or health, or whatever it is.. I tend to get very light-headed and weak if I don’t eat regularly. And by eat, I don’t mean promise food (aka salad) I mean something with substance that will fill my belly.  So rather than jumping straight on into a full-blown cleanse like PhillyD is doing, I’m pacing myself. I will still eat breakfast (which gives my body enough time to burn off the calories throughout the day) and I will eat salad… but I will try my best to maintain a mostly liquid diet after breakfast. I am going until Friday right now. I may extend based on how I feel… but this is all experimental so we shall see. Like I always say, one day at a time, one more baby step forward, let’s see how we do!

While doing this I will also pledge right now that I will walk up and down my stairs at home at least twice a day (sounds stupid for you maybe, but for me it will be hard) and do at least ONE chore a night. Small steps to get me more active. Please feel free to hold me accountable. Ask me if I’ve walked yet today.. Tell me how you’re doing with your own projects/goals.  It doesn’t have to be about weight loss, I am sure we all have something we want to work towards. How is that going?

And with that bit of news I shall hit Submit. Have a great day everyone! And if you have a yummy smoothie recipe, please submit to the comment field below.


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