Pushing myself!

So this past weekend was pretty amazeballs. Firstly I somehow convinced Mike and his awesome father to help with yard work.. and what did we do? Well we pruned the GIANT evergreen trees in the front yard. Hundreds of pounds of dead weight we removed from the tree, all the dead branches that haven’t gotten light in years. It was like a long overdue haircut, and let me tell you my body felt it! I could barely move after 6.5 hours of hard work every inch of my body was protesting my every movement. It was pretty incredible! First weekend of pushing myself was a success! I ended up with a tonne of scratches and bruises and a strained wrist and ankles.. but c’est la vie. All in all it felt great to get out and do some physical work for a change!  I still have more branches to clear off of our front yard, but we were so sore that I decided we needed a wee break just to ensure we didn’t actually hurt ourselves. A strained wrist i can deal with.. but a sprain would take longer to heal. So I listened to my body and said Woah La..

Anyway one project down, and oodles more to go 😀 By the end I think my body will be in better shape and my house will look awesome! I am a happer camper. 

Oodles of hugs for all

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