Quitting food, is like quitting crack.. I think?

OK, so I’ll admit that I have never done crack… or any drug for that matter… so I can’t be 100% certain that the title of this blog post is accurate…. With that said though, I’m pretty sure it’s about on par lol.

I’ve been on Optifast for 8 days now, and although the hunger is fine and I’m in ketosis (at least I’m fairly certain I am.. all signs are pointing to this)…. the cravings are truly driving me mad. You know it’s bad when you’re unable to carry a conversation without having your friends head turn into a bread-stick…. or dream a single night without food being the star of the show. I’ve been doing everything I can think of to keep my hands occupied (which has resulted in an obscene addiction to at least 5 different phone games……) and I even have the most inconvenient set up for my laptop EVER ( a wooden board across the arms of my lazy boy…. In order to get up I need to lift the whole thing (it’s heavy), and balance it on a laundry hamper I’ve put beside me as a temp desk holder thingy. It takes awhile to do, and a lot of effort…. so when you’re sleepy it’s a great way to keep you from running to the kitchen to cheat on your diet lol.

Something I am thankful for? Well.. the hunger pains have nearly gone. I can’t get go the full time between shakes without being hungry, but it’s at least manageable. I’ve got everything crossed that I am able to lose enough weight this time around to merit my never doing this again… the shakes are tasty and all, but I miss food. I still hadn’t fully gotten over the novelty of eating when going back on shakes this time, and though I know it’s for the best, and it’s for my health, and yadda yadda…. I do miss food… a lot.

The last 2 times at shakes, I had odd cravings… like weird combos (cucumbers dipped into mashed potatoes comes to mind… I craved that for days before it finally went away)…this time around? Only bread. All I want is all forms of bread. I dream about it, crave it, think about it, craving baking it and eating it and cooking with it….. I have no idea why my cravings are so “bread” heavy this time around… but it is… and it’s driving me up the wall.

Hopefully the cravings will ease up soon and I can slip into my rhythm… I swear this diet isn’t so bad once your body catches up to what you’re doing…. but until the withdrawals end (which is the only way I can think of this as)… I’m stuck in this form of torture that never seems to end.

Ignore me while I hide in a corner rocking back and forth LOL.

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