Saying Goodbye to the Deep fryer

So latest update is I decided last night that we need to take a break from the deep fryer.  It does make things so delicious! Such as fish and fries.. OMG home made fries are to DIE for *drools*, but yesterday I made home made poutine and I just feel gross. 

Time to take a break. I’m not saying I can never use it ever again, because somethings just really taste better when fried. I.E home made onion rings, zuchini sticks, fries etc… but It should be a treat, not a fall back option.  Time to fliter out the oil, and say goodbye to my old friend the deep fryer. Hopefully with it cleaned and packed up it will discourage me from cooking with it.. cause it’s seriously SOOOO easy to cook that way as opposed to using the oven. But just because something is easy and delish doesn’t mean I need to eat it.

Which also reminds me, I have to kick myself in the butt as I’ve forgotten to take my measurements! I keep telling my love “Before bed let’s take my measurements” and than by the time we get into the bedroom we are tired and forget. I keep thinking about it while I’m at work, and obvs. can’t do anything about it.  So once more I’m reminding myself in the middle of the day, TAKE YOUR MEASURMENTS! I’m also going to comit to going on the bike again tonight.

OH also, some social anxiety progress… I made myself a hot chocolate this morning WHILE the techs were in the staff kitchen prepping for their day. Normally I avoid the kitchen like the plague until it is empty, but I am trying to get better so I mentally kicked myself to go in there while it was still teaming with people. A few deep breaths later and I have myself a nice cup of hot chocolate. I even said Hello to someone who came in while I was washing my dishes. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but for me, it was pretty intense. By the time I got back to my desk I felt slightly dizzy and out of breath, that of course is the anxiety kicking in, but I did it, and I survived. Baby steps will win this race!

Happy Friday y’all! <3

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