Shake Shake!

To anyone who is going through the program,  the shakes NEED ICE. OMG I can not stress enough how much yummies they are with ice.

Its the end of day 2, I think I’ve done pretty well. I’m LOVING the flavors now, and no longer have to force my way through them… Ice truly saved the day! The chocolate tastes like chocolate milk when ice cold, and the vanilla like pudding. It’s like having non-stop dessert in my mouth lol!

My cravings for food are only intensifying by the hour… I dreamt I was flying through the sky with cheese curd clouds, and I was playing music with the squeaks cheese curds make. I drove passed 3 houses that were BBQ’ing and nearly died of need. I am thinking this is similar to what a “nic fit” would feel like. Being that I’ve never smoked, I have no clue… But I’m jonesing for food badly right now.

During day 1 I probably could have handled being in the kitchen until about 8pm when hunger began to strike.

Today? I feel like food is stalking me. I don’t mean people talking about it, that doesn’t bother me. I mean ads on my internet have all been fast food places, driving passed people BBQ’ing and the smell distracting me, getting promos in the mail for Lone star, and Buzzfeed showing me food quizzes and tidbits on food… And OMG I want poutine.

With that said though, I’ve just been flat out avoiding the kitchen unless its to make my shake, and so far so good. The cravings are driving me insane, but I haven’t even come close to cheating.

Day 2 was pretty good. Time to down my last shake and crawl into bed 🙂

Hope y’all had a great Friday Jr.!

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