Shakes part deux!!

Holy Bologna is it January yet?

Cause Jan 1st this Chickie is starting a whole new chocolaty adventure!!! Sure I could go back on them now, they are sitting in my dining room looking scrumptious… But why start before Christmas if I don’t have to? LOL

Though truth be told, I’m already antsy for it to be Jan!

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a new years resolution.. I don’t really believe in those… And I could start Dec 27th if I want… Hell, I could start today and just take a break at Christmas… So don’t let the new years date fool you..  I just picked Jan 1st because I figured it would be easier to track if I started at the 1st of the month… I don’t want to wait until Feb, and I don’t have a delorean to take me back to the beginning of Dec… So Jan 1st it is!!!! (Unless of course I cave in my excitement and start earlier! LOL)

My pre-shake warm ups are to A) figure out the pool schedule near my house and see if I can afford the 8$/ session to go. I am sure I can swing at least once a week if I can find a time when the pool is open for adult swim… B) Buy a new shaker… I can use the one I have, but it leaked a bit and was a pain to use at times… OOOOOOOH Christmas present idea!!!!!!! Must text Mike.

Anyhoodles, where was I? Oh yes, C) search internet to see if there is a way to set up a roller skate on one spit type of apparatus. I doubt it… But if I can find a way to roller skate indoors that would be awesome. OMG I HAVE A CAR!!! This means I can maybe hit up the night time skates at the indoor rink!!!!/OK D) figure out how/where sessions are, and if they offer lessons! And E) figure out how to sew knee pads into pants as I still haven’t found knee pads to fit my fat legs.

So that is my mission…. More than likely won’t get it all done before Jan 1st as I also have a Christmas To Do list a mile long…… But we’ll see what I can tackle.

Any help along the way, as always, is much appreciated!

3 cheers for round two!!!! Here’s to hoping I lose a bunch more weight and turn into a hot tamale! 😛


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