Small changes

This week has heralded some big news and more progress forward on this crazy path I’ve started down… And you didn’t know this… But I’ve been making some changes behind the scenes. To you it may be nothing, it may be something you’ve been doing for years without a second thought, it might be second nature… But to me… It’s been pretty major.

I decided that since my schedule was doing a fliperoonie already with my love switching to working nights , that it would be the perfect time to start.

By now you’re probably wondering what it is I’ve been doing? Well ladies and gents, that magical something I’ve been secretly doing for the past few nights… Has been taking care of my self! Crazy right? Rather than my usual routine of going to sleep dehydrated, wishing I’d gotten off the couch sooner to take a shower, skin so dry it feels like its ripping apart, etc etc etc… I’ve been doing all those things I always put off because taking care of myself was never really a priority. Sleep.. Now THAT was something I could get behind… But beauty stuff, conditioner in my hair, FACE CREAM?? Sure I’ll use it once in awhile on the weekend if I have time and am in enough discomfort that it chips away at my depressed bubble of laziness and forces me into action… But on a nightly basis? Hell to the No, I wasn’t important enough for that.

This week though, I have showered every night, even on the nights like tonight, when my ankles have both given out and my back is screaming at me to stay still, I wanted a shower and by God I was having one… I then proceed to condition the tips of my hair as they were badly damaged, step out of the shower and braid my hair, slather  Johnson & Johnson’s bedtime lavender moisturizer ( Don’t judge, it might be for babies, but it smells fantastic and doesn’t react to my overly sensitive skin LOL), and apply my face cream. I then drank a full litre of water and made my lunch for tomorrow.

Like I said earlier, for you, this would probably be second nature… For me, I think its a breakthrough. I’ve even given enough of a shit about myself to try out 2 new hairstyles this week! And I think they were a success!

I’m not sure when I started to ignore my needs, I’m not even certain of when I began to hide behind my fat and stopped thinking of myself as a person who was worthy of a little TLC once in awhile… But I’m starting to break through, I think. So far this little nightly routine I’ve started feels great! It’s helped me cope with the empty house as My love is off to work, and I think having the house to myself has actually helped… There is no one here for me to focus on except myself. No one else’s needs need to be met, only Mine. And I think it’s about time I started to make better habits. Habits like Johnson and Johnson’s lavender bedtime lotion and braided hair.

Sweet dreams all!

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