So we got married… and it was AWESOME!

Alright, so I fully realize it’s December… Life is crazy y’all.. Well TBH it’s not that crazy, I just lack the capacity to do a lot of things at once without self destructing, so this blog post is WAY over due… also our Thank You cards, but those JUST came in and then I went and sprained my hand.

It’s been a weird time.

ANYWAY so you know, and I know, and we all know, that Mike and I finally tied the knot!!! In typical Fawker fashion SO many things went wrong.. but really all of that doesn’t matter. What I remember, is magical.

As post wedding blogs go, this is pretty lame I’ll admit.. but I’m not overly good talking about the day. It meant more to me than I know how to put into words, and now that it’s over I’m looking forward to not being a bride and settling into my life as a wife. I was definitely not fond of being a bride.. the lead up was stressful and led to me burning myself out. I’m still not recovered and it’s been a weird time for me. Years from now, I will look back on our wedding and remember all the wonderful moments that are so precious to me. Too precious to dissect on the internet.

To make up for the lack of words, here are some pics of our wedding… ALSO This is my 200th post! How great is that 😀 <3

Delta and Fawker's Wedding



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