St. Practice Day!

Happy Friday Jr / St. Practice day everyone!!!

Last night was nice and relaxing, had the chicken quesadillas as promised, cleaned up some recycling in our back yard that had been buried under snow.. Came in feeling sore and exhausted. All in all wonderful night 🙂

Today is St. Practice day, the day that leads us into St. Patricks day of tomorrow. As with every year,  I am torn on what to do. The irish in me wants to celebrate my butt off.. the anxiety chick wants to stay home and read. With no solid plans made I will more than likely stay home and relax.. though that does not mean I won’t be celebrating.. Perhaps St. Patricks day will call for alcohol and rock band and/or WOW. Just cause I’m home doesn’t mean I can’t have fun. We may still end up at a bar, I honestly have no idea. I kind of like the idea of staying home and celebrating. Best of both worlds.

Savour this moment all. The weekend is only a few hours away, the weather is warm, and life is good. *Hugs to all*

P.S Today is Freddy Mercury Fill up Fail Fridays.. Have no clue what I’m having for dinner.. but it will be tasty!

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