Still going strong!

Well.. it’s been ummm well more than 24 hrs (It HAS been at least 24 hrs right???? hmmm maybe not?) Oh well anyway, today’s post is all about the fact that I haven’t given up yet!

I’m not saying it won’t happen… I’m not even close to perfect. But I fell asleep last night dreaming up possible plot points, and I woke up itching to write! I won’t have much time tonight as I’m pursing my other love of baking, but while cakes are cooling I may get in a few words. High 5’s for expressing myself through cake AND words in one day!

I’m not putting pressure on myself to maintain this, nor am I expecting that I will… but as long as I’m loving it, I’ll keep doing it. If nothing ever comes of it, at least I’ll have enjoyed myself along the way!

Anyhoo this is just a quickie to say don’t worry I haven’t fallen off of the – WOOT I’M SO HAPPY I’M GOING TO DO ALL THE THINGS wagon yet. My next step once I get accustomed to this, is to start doing more “adult” things… like cleaning more regularly.. Yikes my house is a mess. Not that I WANT it to be that way.. but holy hell, there’s so many things that get messy.. and when nothing has an actual home it’s hard to make things stay “neat”. Note to self : Find places for all the things.

As always



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