Sushi and a Walk

Last night, was pretty awesome!

First we got invited out for Sushi at this new place in Barhaven.. and it was Ah-Mazing! I’m still not a huge fan of sushi but I have some sort of soup with thick noodles and this fried stuff… udon? I’m still a noob when it comes to this but I gave it a go and what I ate was tasty!

Not only that, but we arrived about 20 mins early, so Mike and I browsed around Canadian tire for about 20 mins for a leisurly stroll and THAN because it was Walk Waddle, or Dodge a Wrench Wednesday I walked from the Canadian tire to the sushi place. The funny thing is I arrived at almost the same time as Mike who went by car WOOT. I think he gave me a head start LOL. By the time I got there I was out of breath and feeling great! Man I love warmer weather πŸ™‚

Supper was wonderful, and i kept to a small portion, I did get a noodle in my eye but it was pretty funny! All in all I think it was a pretty awesome night! Afterward we headed back to Drew’s for some chit and some chat and Mike purchased our comicon tickets (WOOOT Mr. Hulk Man Sir I shall see you soon!) and it was just an all around lovely night.

Glad to say Wednesday was a success.. Now on to Thursday. Chicken quesadillas tonight YUM πŸ˜›

Happy Friday Jr. everyone!

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