The Awkward hallway of 3 doors

Being polite is important, it really is… but lately it’s resulted in the massively awkward moments from the Hallway of 3 doors. *sigh* I can see you don’t live in my brain, so I should probably explain.

You see, I work in a rather large building… at one point during the long walk from my car to my office, there is a small hallway…. which contains 3 (yes 3) sets of doors. Being that we are Canadian, and politeness seems to be ingrained into our DNA, if we get to the doors first, we hold said door open for whoever was right behind us. In the hallway of 3 doors, I am very rarely the door holder, and more often then not, the walker who has fallen behind. You see, in my current morbidly obese state, I have a hard time walking, my back spasms when I walk resulting in almost constant pain, my hips hurt if I’ve been sitting or standing too long, and my ankles give our regularly… all this means, is that I am a slow… slooooow walker. But you, as the door holder, don’t know that, and so being that you saw a stranger walk behind you a few moments ago, you assume I’m right on your heels and hold the door open… queue me doing the big smile “sorry to keep you waiting” half run half limp to get to the door so they don’t have to hold it awkwardly for too long. I try to keep up, I really do.. but the pain is pretty bad at this point so I’m slowing down.. but HELLO next set of doors has already arrived, and the very nice lady or mister in front of me, holds the door once more, and smiles this smile at me that clearly says “I have no idea what to do… you see me holding this door.. I am clearly holding it for you, I had no idea you’d fallen back that far.. and now I’m standing holding a door with a weird smile on my face and if I let go of the door now I am closing it in your face.. but if I continue to hold it I look strange”… and so they, being polite, continue to hold, while I once again to the half run, half limp to get to through the door and relieve them of door duty. At this point I hope they won’t hold it again… I see the next door, it’s in sight.. SO CLOSE… and yet so far away. My back at this point is screaming at me for being upright, my vertebrae want nothing to do with this evilness no matter how much cajoling I give it, begging it to stop hurting and allow me to get what little exercise I can. Lost in thought I fall behind once more, it’s only been a few feet…. but there he/she is, holding the next door, the same awkward smile on their face, words telling me not to rush, eyes asking what’s taken me so long.

The daily struggle of the awkward hallway of 3 doors. Welcome to my world.

Only 27 more days until I start to find some relief… I hope! Fingers toes and eyes crossed I can drop some of the bulk quickly so that I can start to help myself more!



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  • I would be politely waving them on, saying, “Oh, thank you! I’m kind of slow, though, so, please, go ahead.” (I’ve actually done that… but mostly because it feels weird to run to a door when I can easily open it, myself….)
    Friendly, polite, and stress free… maybe? Right? :-/

    • I like your brain! Strangely I’m not sure I could do that… I will try.. But my broken brain is like awe if I refuse the held open door they will be a sad panda cause I rejected their doing something nice.. And yes this is a talk I had with myself before lol. My brain = STRANGE .

  • Well, you can think of it as being kind, yet grateful, but letting them off the hook so they’re not late. If you look at it THAT way, you’re being very thoughtful! šŸ™‚

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