The breakfast (and lunch) of (terrified) Champions

So today’s the day, I’m on my way!


I have 2 options, vanilla or chocolate. Being that I thought Chocolate would be far superior… I was nervous about the vanilla so I chose to tackle that one first.


Tools laid out, shake packet chosen.. Let’s DO THIS!!!

As this is my first, I follow the directions to a T. I need to know what it would taste like as it before playing with how much / how little water I use etc. 

My first impression of the vanilla, was that it smelled like vanilla pudding with a hint of something “other”. Time to add it to the water and make some magic!


Throw in a straw and this bad boy is ready for me!



First sip… Not so bad… Vanilla pudding.. I can do this!!!



I will say that towards the end of the shake it got to be too much and I had to force it down. The  “other” smell/taste started to overpower the vanilla-y goodness. But it wasn’t so bad!

Cue me sitting at my desk at around 10am… 1 liter of water down the hatch, 1 shake in my tummy…. I still feel full! But alas 10:30 rolls around and my alarm goes off (on my phone) singing the milkshake song and reminding me its time for shake #2!

Off I go to the kitchen… Whip up a chocolate shake this time… I’m actually looking forward to it. If the vanilla was good, chocolate should be even better!!

I was so wrong! Though in it’s defense, I didn’t have ice and wasn’t able to get the water cold enough so it basically tasted like chocolate with milk that was going sour. Cue my stomach rebelling.


Then comes S. My current Hero!!! She hears about the warmness of my shake, and gives me the last of the ice from her own water bottle to help make it colder. I think my heart exploded with happy.

Chocolate shake tasted WAY better with ice. The “other” flavor was still pretty overpowering… But with the ice it was do-able.

I have a feeling with some experimentation , and time to adjust to the flavor, I’ll grow to love these.

They said in group last night a good mantra is to think of it like this: “This shake is a gift” meaning without having to worry about food, just make sure I have my 4 packets a day… I now have time to focus on myself and on all the things I need to do to get better.

With that said. I have 2 more shakes to go today, I think I’ll wait until I’m at home and therefore close to my ice maker LOL.

Thanks for reading and being a huge part of my journey.



(And you are too)

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