The first supper

I have to say… After 12 weeks of being a good girl and not eating… My first supper was ORGASMIC. My mouth felt alive with flavours and NOTHING WAS SWEET. No chocolate in sight. I bow down to foods yumminess. How did I forget this much flavour?

While fasting… I honestly forgot what most things tasted like. I remembered liking them, or disliking them… Or that they were creamy or crunchy… But I couldn’t recall the flavours. I knew I missed food… But I didn’t fully appreciate how much until tonight’s supper.

Let me take you on a journey of how today progressed 🙂

I woke up (obvs) eager to get today over with! Supper time couldn’t come fast enough and I am pretty sure I thought about food every moment of the day. It consumed me.

Admittedly this led to fear… What if I haven’t beaten the binge eating… What if I’ve only been OK because food had been removed from the equation… I ensured my first meal would not be alone in order to help keep me on track just in case.

All day I dreamt about what was about to happen… Grocery shopping for myself! For food I could actually consume!!! Happy dances and booty shakes happened all over the place.


At the end of it all, here was my sweet haul! Pictured on top is the remaining supply of Optifast shakes… Below… My mountain of veggies!!

I count my first trip as a huge success. I stared for way longer than is normal at the pastries…. But I stayed strong and did not buy any (OMG I wanted to so bad!!) Super woman strength kept me walking… While images of food porn (aka flaky apple pastries) danced in my head.

Once home, I pre-cut / washed and individually packaged all my veggies. They are good to go now for whatever I need, whenever I need them! 2 types of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, asparagus, onion, green onion, red and green peppers and carrots… Mmmmm so good. I also picked up a bag of shredded cheese. A) it was on sale cheaper than a brick… And B) it makes it easier for me to weigh out my portions.

As it stands this week I am allowed 1 cup of veggies and 3 meat/ meat alternative options a day.

Crack open the nifty food scale I just bought, and here is what that looks like:




The third picture shows my 3 options above, and the rest of the breast below. Mike got that portion size.

Couple this with my veggies and my wrap looked like this!


I had enough chicken / cheese to make 2 wraps… Note the lettuce leaf wrap.

Admittedly my “wrapping” will need work…. But the messy supper did nothing to detract from the food-gasm that took over me from the first bite.


Mikes portion is the bottom, mine is the top.. 2 lettuce leaves (for 2 wraps) and some misc veggies with my chicken/cheese split between the two. I gave up trying to wrap it so it was basically a salad on a plate LOL!)

I could taste EVERYTHING… From the very first bite I was moaning and savoring each moment. The juicy chicken, the CHEESE (OMG the cheese… Died and went to heaven when I got a bite with cheese in it), man even the tomatoes burst on my tongue and had me slipping further under the spell of my supper. Crispy peppers crunching and bursting with flavour, earthy lettuce keeping it grounded, spices to enhance the perfection…

As first meals go… This was perfect. It hit the spot, it had the crunch, the savory, the meat… The CHEESE. It didn’t even need dressing. I may just repeat the same meal tomorrow night… Though make it a regular salad rather than a “wrap”… Less messy 😛


Doesn’t that chicken look like its just asking to be eaten? *drools*

That’s it folks, that’s my first meal in a nutshell. My stomach wants more.. And I didn’t have a full cup of veg in those wraps just so I could see how my stomach handled food… So I may have some of my zucchini chips as a snack later


Tested out an amazing contraption that makes them in the microwave and they do look tasty!!! I cut up about half of 1 zucchini (well I cut up the whole thing… But I only cooked half Lol!) So I’ll have a few later and I’m sending Mike to work with some so he can enjoy too!

All in all, I think tonight was a huge success… I can’t wait to see how tomorrow goes!

Oodles of Hugs

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