The hardest thing to date

Aloha and welcome to my blog!

If this is your first time, pull up a chair and stay awhile! Feel free to take a peek at previous blog posts, I’ll wait for you to catch up 🙂

All caught up? Excellent!!

As you know tomorrow night I will finally get my hands on those shakes and then its nothing but water and shakes for 12 weeks! To say I’m giddy and excited would be an understatement… I wish I could skip all the hours between now and tomorrow at 5 pm and get this show on the road!!!

To commemorate this new beginning I am going to do the single most difficult thing I’ve done on this blog to date… I’m officially posting a before picture. This is something I’ve been bouncing back and forth on for months… Should I? Shouldn’t I? The nerves at the thought of being seen when generally I avoid exactly that at all costs… But I feel like in order to stay true to my journey, this blog, and all my amazing readers (yes YOU), this is something I need to do. For the last few years I try to avoid anyone with a camera unless we’re taking a selfie. But here I am… Before the shakes, officially at my heaviest, and ready to kick butt at getting healthy.


BAM! This is Me, in all my glory LOL.

I say its time to start embracing the skin I’m in.

Have a great day! And take this moment to think of 1 thing about your own body that you like. For myself it would have to be my smile


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