The Triumph over Nachos… I hope?

OK So breaking news… I just made nachos. Let’s face it, I had a turbulent week filled with awesome highs and some not so fun lows. I’ve managed to do it all without binging, and even the night I ate Poutine I held back and denied myself even a bite of the 2 cakes I’d worked on for so long.  Tonight Mike is out with the boys.. well by Out I mean at Drew’s place having Tea and Vaping lol. I wanted some alone time, so I am home.

As much as I’ve been getting better and being social, and putting myself OUT there and learning to live in the moment and have fun and embrace my friends instead of second guessing everything everyone says…. I am still a person who needs solo time to just chill and be mellow and sing at the top of my lungs for no one to hear. So far tonight I’ve danced in the kitchen while singing to Walk off the Earth songs from Youtube and it felt GREAT.

Right now I have nachos in the oven.. yes my temptation.. my craving.. my weakness. But tonight I feel STRONG and empowered and I made a smaller than normal (for me) portion.. I am also drinking ice water instead of juice or pop.. AND I don’t feel the urge to gorge myself on them tonight. I just missed their yummy taste and I didn’t know what else to make.. So there you have it. We’ll see how it goes.

So far this night has been amazeballs and I am getting ready to hunker down and nom on some nachos and watch my shows and sing and dance and it kind of feels like the most amazing form of freedom ever.

Yes I love my friends, and I’m sad that I’m not going out tonight as it’s always great to see them, but tonight is for me and tonight is wonderful.

<3 Hope everyone else is having a magical night

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