Toe Tails 2

I’m writing you 2 weeks post surgery, this is the 1st day of my third week post surgery…. How am I doing? Well I’m fairly certain at this point that while the doctor was a vile monster… he also broke my toe. What else could explain the fact that nearly 3 weeks after surgery I STILL can’t move my toe. I can feel it….. every ounce of pain that almost never lets up… yep it’s not numb at all… but I can’t move it. I’m still in agony and I’m going to a REAL doctor soon to verify if I’m correct. The only reason I’m waiting at all is because it’s not like they can DO anything for a broken toe… I just have to live with it until it heals, and I’ve been working extra hours to make up for the time I took off for my surgery…. not only that but by the time I’m done work I’m dying to curl up and not move for the rest of the night, so the thought of prolonging the length of time before I can go home and curl up is not appealing. *sigh* I know I know I should go to the doctors NOW… but it’s not infected, and I don’t like wasting people’s time to just look at my foot and say Yep he fucked it up…. and there is nothing we can do for you. Have fun!

I gathered up my strength today and made a complaint against this doctor at both the hospital, and my family doctor’s office (the one who referred me to him in the first place). I just couldn’t let it go, every day that I’m in this level of pain with no end in sight, I get more and more frustrated. Seriously this was supposed to be a very minor thing.. tender for a few days and then I’d be able to walk and do all that just be careful of the scab on my toe until it heals.. I knew that I may not be at 100% for a few months.. but the nurse even laughed when I said I thought I’d be in pain for my birthday (3 days past the surgery) she told me that it may be tender but I’d be fine and up and about by then… 3 weeks later and I can hobble. Hobbling hurts, and the weird limp I have going on causes my back to spasm.. so pretty much moving sucks.

I’m frustrated and pretty upset at how life seems to enjoy kicking me in the balls… I mean for someone who doesn’t even HAVE actual balls…. I get kicked in them pretty often lol.

Anyway, for those who’ve been asking, that’s the update. Wish I could say I was getting better.. but truthfully, who the heck knows. Sometimes when I step down on my foot it feels like the pressure in the tip will explode. I’m pretty sure that’s not normal. I’m trying not to be a baby… but seriously GAH!

Here’s to hoping tomorrow’s a less painful day 😉


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