Aloha world, and welcome to my twisted little corner of the interwebz.

Occasionally I find myself in a dark place, unable to see the light, other times I feel light as air and surrounded by love and rainbows and unicorn kisses….

Today, I just feel like me 😉

I had one hell of a day let me tell you, it was my first day covering for a co-worker who is on sick leave… I miss her already LOL. I think in the entire day I maybe had half a cup of hot chocolate and ran once to the bathroom to pee. Other than that I was running around trying to make sure I got everything done, and of course my computer system kept crashing or locking me out, I also had a bit of a flat tire in the morning AND got to work later than I had wanted ( I was aiming to get in EARLY.. but just showed up a wee bit before my shift started). All in all I made it through, did I fuck up???…. probably. Nothing that I’m overtly aware of, but it was such a zoo of a day that I’m sure there is something somewhere that fell through the cracks. Tomorrow I will hopefully re-visit and try to verify that nothing did. *Fingers Crossed* If only my PC would co-operate with me tomorrow I’d be a happy girl LOL.

Anyway, tonight I ended up having Pizza… YEP, I said it. Bacon, Pepperoni and Green peppers.. Why??? Because I was freaking starving and didn’t want to cook. On the up side, I drank nothing but straight up water AND did 20 sit ups on my exercise ball before eating. I also took a walk around the house. So, somewhat balances out lol.

That is my update… I somehow made it through the first day, the day I was dreading, the day I feared.. I made it through, and I’m going back tomorrow! Keeping up with my prozac now, and it seems to be helping to keep my anxiety a bit better managed. I guess I’ll have to come to terms with the fact that I need the medicine. I’m not OK, and until I am, I need to accept the help they provide.


On that note I’m about to go crawl into bed and pass right the hell out. I forcast a few more busy days yet before I get the hang of this thing.

Oodles of hugs

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