Turn it up.. or Tumble down?

SO I had the intension to be awesome last night and to boogie my bottom all over this land.

In actuality I slipped and fell trying to walk through our mudroom. I am a clutz. And let me tell you something, when your weight goes PAST the zero on a scale.. and the scale says Hey you! you weight 40 pounds… Yep it’s a total like, you do NOT weight 4o lbs and falling will hurt like a son of a gun.

I got off easy though, normally I’m the queen of the sprained ankle. All I got last night was a twisted elbow (how is that possible? LOL) a sore wrist, shoulder, butt, knee, and neck. Sounds bad but it was all very minor.. mostly just felt sore and icky the rest of the night. Not in the mood to boogie at all. So I played WOW and I rested and tried my best to not hurt myself any further.  So of course I then also got a finger in my eye, burnt my finger AND stubbed my toe… Did I mention I was a clutz?

Last night was not my night. But today is walk waddle or dodge a wrench wednesday and if it’s raining outside when I get home I’ll at least walk up and down my stairs a few times to get my walk in. I’m still sore as heck, but I just started this routine and don’t want to let myself slip back into laziness. Tonight I will walk. Perhaps, weather permitting, I’ll bring my mp3 player and walk around town for awhile. Worst case if I end up too far and I’m too sore to come back I’ll call home and ask for a lift lol.

OH super bonus though! last time I weighed myself I was down a few pounds! Still hard to pinpoint my exact weight but it’s a start! WOOT

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  • Woot! Woot! Good for you, Shannon. Here’s a tip. You’ll get a lot of unwanted info but hope this helps. Try to stay off the scale & check out how your waistband feels. With the work you’re doing youn should see results every week. Also stock the freezer with Skinny Cows – 1 is 50 cals a serving & they are surprisingly good. Those boxes of snacks are pretty good & if you just use them when you are really hungry, they also help in the battle. Just remember: you are doing this for yourself and you are certainly worth it. Going out with people can be a challemnge but after a while you’ll look at it as an opportunity to choose healthy foods or say no to fries. We are all works in progress but I applaud your efforts. I’m part of your cheering section. If you wantr a walk buddy, I can be there for you !!!

    • Thanks Sue 😀 some days are harder than others but I’m doing my best 😀 Knowing I have support helps get me through the crap-tastic days lol.i haven’t had those skinny cows before, i’ll have to try some come the summer time 🙂 Right now instead of icecream or cookies I’ve been making smoothies 😀 SUPER YUM! lol those years of working at Yogen Fruz with Di have paid off well. I make a mean smoothie 😛

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